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Academic Report on the Sufferings of All Peoples

in the Srebrenica region

Between 1992 and 1995

Independent International Commission of Inquiry on the Sufferings of All Peoples in the Srebrenica Region between 1992 and 1995
Guided by the premise of the necessity of scientific and professional research of all important issues and phenomena in our civilization, even the painful and controversial ones, and the awareness that scientifically documented facts are the best remedy against manipulation, the Commission approached this complex research.


The Report was prepared by the Chairman together with other members of the Commission, after it was inspected, revised as necessary, approved, and signed by all members of the Commission. In this sense, in addition to the fact that each chapter was assigned to certain members, the text of the Report is collectively authored by the Commission as a whole.

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Our goal was to investigate and present in an objective manner the suffering of all peoples in the Srebrenica region.

We deeply sympathize with the victims and the families of the victims who died during the terrible civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and as well express our great respect for them. We are aware that such pain is a lasting one and we believe that all victims should be equally respected and remembered. In order to reconcile the affected parties, it is important not to diminish the sufferings and perils of either party.

The Commission is aware that researching each individual event and victim would require many years of systematic research.

All that by a much larger number of experts, and in this regard encourages all scientific institutions and organizations as well as individuals from the scientific community to, on the basis of the results of the Commission’s research, conduct their own objective and professional researches, all with the aim of discovering accurate facts about these tragic events that should contribute to better mutual understanding and trust and ultimately to future reconciliation.

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